Denver’s tax collector job not settled

By on December 20, 2017

“It wouldn’t be the first time that no individual chose to take the Denver Borough tax collector position,” said Mike Hession, borough manager.

“This year we had the county handle our tax collection,” said Hession. “It worked well and we didn’t get any complaints at all,” he reported at the council’s Dec. 18 meeting.

Lancaster County Election results lists Lee Ann Hagy-Crooks, a North 5th Street resident, as receiving eight write-in votes for tax collector. In the past when a person received any write-in votes, he or she declined the position.

Hession phoned the write-in candidate and she indicated she’s interested in the position.

“She has until Dec. 27 to have all of her paperwork filed and successfully complete the on-line course to be a tax collector,” said Hession. “I’ve scheduled a meeting on Dec. 28 with her because we need to get moving on this.”

“If for some reason she would not take the position, then council could opt to use the county again,” Hession said.

This council meeting concluded six years of service for Councilman Mike Gensemer. Councilman Todd Stewart’s comments for Gensemer’s work ended with a round of applause from the council and the audience.

Known for his keen interest in public safety, Gensemer was active in activities related to the Denver Volunteer Fire Company and worked many additional hours serving as a representative to the inter-municipal committee which attempted to form a regional police force. He served on the borough’s finance committee, as well as one term as vice-president of the council.

Gensemer said, “Thank-you for the opportunity to serve on council. It is an honor and it’s been a pleasurable experience.” He went on to thank many others for making the years of service worthwhile.

In other business:

  • East Cocalico Officer-In-Charge, Sergeant Derrick Keppley, reported 132 police calls for Denver in November. There were 22 traffic citations, 11 traffic warnings, 15 parking tickets issued, as well as several public safety programs presented in the Cocalico School District.
  • Council passed an ordinance restricting truck traffic in the borough on Locust Street from Third Street to Sixth Street. This ordinance also allows parking on Main Street between Third Street and 354 Main Street for no more than three hours on Mondays through Saturdays. It authorizes two additional handicapped parking spaces near or at 341 Main Street and 336 Main Street.
  • Council adopted a resolution that amends an array of fees charged in connection with the Administration of the Denver Zoning Ordinance and other borough ordinances.


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