District offers ad opportunity to businesses

By on September 21, 2011

By: KIMBERLY MARSELAS Review Correspondent, Staff Writer

Looking to pad its coffers, Cocalico School District has started selling advertising space across its campuses.

At a school board meeting Monday night, Assistant Business Manager Lesley Stricker outlined a program that allows business to sponsor facilities or buy banner space for advertisements.

So far, she has sold six ad spaces, with total revenue of $7,424. Stricker said she began by soliciting more than 160 local companies, but plans to expand her efforts to neighboring companies and those who do business with the school district.

Among the current advertisers are Heck Construction Company, which is sponsoring the scoreboard at Eagles Stadium. Matt Marte Insurance purchased space on a boiler room wall, and four other businesses are advertising on stadium fencing.

"That’s where most of our space is: our fences, " said Stricker, who plans to expand the initiative to include sponsorships of baseball field fences, the Denver Elementary School gym (home to junior high basketball games) and the high school game.

Stricker said multi-space packages might be more appealing to larger companies, but she is keeping the district’s wellness policy in mind as she accepts contracts from companies that might be targeting children.

In other action, Jeannine DePaul-Nelson, an account executive with Compass Learning, presented the district with an award for innovative teaching. The $1,000 grant recognizes Cocalico High School’s use of the company’s online learning tools. The district uses online learning to serve at-risk students, as well as summer schoolers and those who are homebound because of medical issues or expulsion.

Michelle Harris told the board that 31 students enrolled in 43 online courses with Compass Learning last summer. The district has assigned a full-time teacher to assist students with their assignment and "re-teach" any online lessons they don’t grasp. Anthony Tartaglia runs the academy program, with the help of teachers in specific curriculum areas.

"It keeps me on my toes," Tartaglia said. "There are subjects I haven’t seen in 15 years and I have to reteach myself."

The board also approved $1.16 million in capital projects, including $1.05 million for construction and escrow payments to Denver Borough, as well as the final payment for new bleachers at the high school stadium.

The board also approved Dr. Bruce Waskowicz, husband of board member Mary Waskowicz, as the football team physician. Superintendent Dr. Bruce Sensenig said it was a critical appointment, as the team cannot play with a doctor at its games.

"Now he’s standing on the sidelines for the remainder of the year," Sensenig said.

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