E. Cocalico engages in water management study

By on January 25, 2012

By: MICHELLE REIFF Review Staff mreiff.eph@lnpnews.com, Staff Writer

East Cocalico Township will soon be part of a feasibility study for the establishment of a sustainable water management program.

This opportunity was approved following a presentation by Cory Rathman, senior project manager for the township’s land planning engineers, Becker Engineering, at a Jan. 18 supervisors meeting. Through a grant from the Lancaster County Clean Water Consortium, Rathman is helping to organize seminars in which representatives from the University of Maryland help municipalities, counties and cities to establish such programs.

"They will evaluate the current and future cost associated with your storm water management program, looking at operation and maintenance, capitol improvements and regulatory compliance," said Rathman, who is a member of the consortium’s steering committee.

He stated that after doing this, the organization will come up with a feasibility study, discuss the findings and offer financing recommendations on how to meet storm water needs moving forward.

"From the planning perspective it gives the township an opportunity to get a good analysis of how much you’re spending, not just from the public works but through engineers, capitol improvements you may have and fixes you may have to do on the fly," said Rathman. He feels this will be a good opportunity to obtain information in preparation for possible upcoming state regulations while offering an alternative to the township having to guess how much storm water funding will cost.

"We could do it now or pay more and do it later," said Doug Mackley, supervisor chairman, in agreement.

After approval was obtained from the supervisors, Rathman said a list of those interested is currently being compiled. The next step will be a group meeting with the local municipalities, at which he would like at least one of the board members to be present.

Rathman added that the opportunity contains a public outreach component. A work group will be created, facilitating attendance at community events and interacting with the public.

"They want to build awareness on what storm water actually is, the importance of water quality, and talk about regulatory compliance and the economics of maintaining this infrastructure," said Rathman.

In other business, Mackley announced that the Rissler family, who lost their home and several lives in a December fire on Line Road in Stevens, was able to recover some important documents from the site.

"This really takes a lot of stress off the family," he said, adding that they would like to get into their former home one more time in order to look for additional keepsakes.

Mackley stated that the insurance company has everything in order. An application has been made for demolition in order to get the property razed and cleaned up as soon as possible.

"I believe the family at this point would prefer to sell the property," he said.

J. Dwight Yoder, an attorney for Gibbel, Kraybill and Hess, presented the preliminary subdivision plan and evaluation of park and recreation proposal and high quality amenities for a park to be constructed in the Wabash Landing development. It was decided by land planning engineer Brent Lied, supervisors and Attorney Yoder that some things to be considered in preparing the developer’s agreement include: the improvements that need to be made, their costs and the land area involved.

Supervisors also approved the adoption of the Sensenig lot annexation, the Stewart annexation, the Nolt storm water management and the Brookview Estates Phase 2 plans.

Township hauler’s license agreement signatures were approved for EaglesDisposal Services, East Earl; Good’s Disposal, Ephrata; Purple Heart Disposal, Lancaster; Ream/s Disposal Inc., Bowmansville; Waste Management, Lancaster; and York Waste Disposal, East Petersburg.

The supervisors agreed on purchases including one laptop computer for $1,449.95, two computers for $639.95 each and a monitor for $250.

Township Manager Mark Hiester announced that after review, he has sent out another draft of the alternative zoning amendment, which explores wind farms, solar farms, geotherms, wood burning stoves and accessory solar design as options for the township.

"It’s interesting," said Mackley, who has attended meetings regarding this subject. "There has been some good discussion. We’ll get this finalized and show it to the public." More EAST COCALICO, page A11

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