East Cocalico supervisors approve police promotions

By on August 22, 2018

East Cocalico Police Chief Darrick Keppley proposed four police officer promotions, which have not happened for years, at supervisors’ Aug. 16 meeting.

Supervisors were positive about the suggestion when first presented in June. They needed to check budget figures and police cost projections for coming years prior to making a commitment. The total cost increase for the promotions approved is approximately $6,000 per year.

“That will give us a corporal on each shift,” said Keppley. “Currently a small stipend is paid to the officer designated as shift leader. That stipend isn’t necessary once a corporal is shift leader. The promotions strengthen the department overall and enhance safety and service for residents.”

Brent Becker, land planning engineer, explained eight waiver/modification motions for the Mt. Zion Baptist Church expansion project on Denver Road. Motions dealt with street width, curbing height, sidewalks and tree planting. Supervisors approved all motions and granted conditional approval for the preliminary land development plan, contingent upon satisfying outstanding items.

Scott Miller, director of land development services for Stackhouse Bensinger in Berks County, walked supervisors through drawings of the church expansion project, which includes adding a gymnasium and expanding parking facilities.

Supervisors officially acknowledged withdrawal of the final land development plan to develop 36 Muddy Creek Church Road with a four unit apartment building since applicant Timothy L. Youndt sold the land to Daniel E. Martin.

Supervisors authorized advertising a hearing regarding amending a 2003 zoning ordinance to strengthen performance standards for warehousing. The rezoning request pertains to the Graybill-Zimmerman proposed development plan for property behind Foxchase Golf Club on Stevens Road.

The proposed new ordinance deals with items such as standards for roads used by vehicles for loading and unloading, exterior noise (like that from an exterior public address system), location in regard to distance from certain types of properties like retirement/nursing homes and schools, and screening to serve as a noise barrier.

The revised ordinance will also be submitted for review to the township planning commission and the county planning commission.

In other business:

  • Resident Jeff Mitchell made his fourth inquiry since late June asking about a written pool status report with a comparison of data and revenue collected this year versus previous years. Chairman Alan Fry, who is also pool manager, said daily fees are up this year and rain necessitated pool closure on several days. Fry said after the pool closes and all bills are in, a report will be prepared. Mitchell asked why the pool didn’t open Monday, Aug. 6, which was hot and sunny. All supervisors agreed it was due to “technical difficulties.” When asked to explain further, no other explanation was offered.
  • Chief Keppley thanked Sergeant Progin for coordination work on National Night Out as well as the many volunteers who make this community event a success.
  • Supervisors next meeting is Sept. 6 at Smokestown Fire Company at 7:30 p.m.

Alice Hummer is a correspondent for the Ephrata Review.


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