East Cocalico supervisors give away $94,000

By on May 23, 2012

By: ALICE HUMMER Review Correspondent, Staff Writer

Helping community services is important to East Cocalico supervisors, and they show it with annual contributions to the library and emergency services located within the township.

At their May 16 supervisors Meeting, the following donations were awarded: $17,000 each to the Reamstown Ambulance; and Reamstown, Smokestown and Stevens fire companies; in addition, $26,000 went to the Adamstown Area Library.

"We do make them (the recipients) show up," chuckled East Cocalico supervisor chairman Doug Mackley. "We don’t mail these out."

It was a celebratory mood as recipients expressed the positive difference these contributions make in their operating budgets. Shirley Achey from Reamstown Ambulance held up a photo of what looked like a no-frills apparatus to use for CPR.

"Guess how much this costs?" Achey said.

"About several thousand dollars, maybe five to seven," Mackley said after no one attending ventured any estimates.

"Fifteen thousand," Achey said. "This is where your contribution is going."

"And this device might help to save a life of one of our residents," Mackley said.

In other business:

? Supervisors took no further action on the MacLeod Minor Subdivision Plan after hearing property owner, Don MacLeod, explain why there is "no real need" for road improvement, movement of the fence which is on East Cocalico’s right-of-way or perk testing to prove that an alternate site for sewage treatment exists. The one crucial item, Brent Lied said, is the sewer system.

Board members agreed with Noelle Fortna, who said, "In the past it’s been the practice of this board to make sure an alternate site exists. This carries too much weight to provide a waiver."

? Fay Martin, of 50 Poplar Drive, commented on behalf of her family and several other neighbors about the open dumpster located in the front yard at 30 Poplar Drive.

"The lid is hanging down and it is overflowing," Martin stated.

Zoning officer Tony Luongo, detailed a paper trail of interactions over three years with the gentleman at 30 Poplar Drive, Paul Wertz.

"It’s never gotten to the point where I’ve had to cite him. He’s had RV trailers in his front yard and it looked like he was recovering parts for scrap. I told him to come to the zoning hearing board if he wants to run a business."

He said the resident "plays the game" by complying at the final hour with a directive to clean up the front yard. Shortly thereafter he resumes his unlawful activities again. Supervisors agreed to consult with the solicitor.

"I think it’s time to get something done," Fortna said.

? Supervisors appointed Brian Wise as alternate for the zoning hearing board. His term runs to the end of 2013.

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