In and out: No quorum means no business in Denver

By on February 11, 2016

When there’s not a quorum, then there’s no business as evidenced at the Monday, Feb. 8, meeting of the Denver Borough Council.

Mayor Rodney Redcay opened the meeting which lasted less than 20 minutes.

Christopher Flory, council vice president, conducted the meeting. He, along with council members Jason South, Matthew Stover, and Ken Wallace, the junior council member, heard Kurt Eckenroad, facilities director for Cocalico School District, explain the school district’s variance application to erect a new, illuminated sign and message display for the Cocalico High School entrance.

Chris Irvine, Cocalico High School principal, explained that the controls for the sign would be in his office. He said the message board would highlight programs and events at the high school, and he would be responsible for the sign.

“We’re talking about an 8-foot-by-8-foot sign which is controlled by wireless telephone,” said Eckenroad. “Brightness is able to be controlled and the sign could even go dark at night. It would be 215 feet from the sign to the corner of the nearest resident’s property.”

“The planning commission is working on a new sign ordinance, and the school meets all requirements of the proposed new sign ordinance,” said Mike Hession, Denver Borough manager.

The proposed amendment would permit an electronic message display (EMD) that doesn’t change more than once every eight seconds in Denver’s industrial and institutional districts. EMDs would not be permitted in the business district or any residential district. Other conditions pertain to brightness and proximity to residential property.

“As the ordinance now stands, the high school sign would not be permitted,” said Hession.

School officials will meet with the borough zoning board on Wednesday, Feb. 24, at 7 p m.

Flory told school officials that the council was unable to give them any indication how members felt about the request as a quorum to officially conduct business was lacking.

Missing the meeting were council members President Blake Daub, Mike Gensemer, John Palm, and Todd Stewart.

Topics on the agenda not addressed included:

* The request for the borough to consider either closing North Fourth Street by Oak Street or creating an area on North Fourth Street marked for construction vehicle crossing.

* The borough’s application to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency for the Jan. 22-23 snowstorm.

* Concerns regarding the woody yard waste facility at the borough lot.


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