Lengthy discussion precedes waiver OKs for CHS softball field

By on January 28, 2015

Denver borough council members debated for nearly an hour before approving the last of nearly a dozen wavers needed for a softball field on the south side of Cocalico School District campus.

Michael A. Sodl, Wilkinson and Associates Inc. engineer, explained the nature of the waivers requested for the proposed paved parking area and softball field set for the section of the campus across South Fourth Street from the high school.

Council easily approved all but one, which consumed nearly 50 minutes of discussion.

Phil Leinbach, AEM architect, explained that approximately $500,000 in costs could accrue if the borough ordinances for sidewalks and curbing were followed due to solid rock in the ground.

“The rock can be seen protruding at the land surface,” Leinbach said.

“With no other development in that area, it wouldn’t be financially prudent to require spending a half million dollars when the need in that location is not evident, and we cannot imagine any situation requiring it,” said Mike Gensemer, council vice president.

While other council members agreed, they contended that since an ordinance requiring sidewalks and curbing is on the books, and in the event a safety issue arises, council should maintain the right to require installation of sidewalk and curbing.

Leinbach praised the cooperation that exists with the school and the council. He expressed hope that a future council would not act capriciously to require such improvements. He was uneasy deferring the decision solely to council.

More discussion followed regarding the possibility of requiring a study to be done if and when council thought a situation warranted doing the work the ordinance requires. Bringing the prolonged discussion to an end, the question was called by President Blake Daub.

Council, with three members absent (Walter Fink, Christopher Flory, and Matt Stover), voted to defer the waiver request until such time as council would deem improvements necessary. Councilmen Mike Cohick, Daub, and Jason South voted yes. Gensemer voted no.

In other business, Cohick met with Denver Volunteer Fire Company members at their Jan. 12 meeting where they approved a Ronald McDonald recycling dumpster on their parking lot.

The borough agreed to periodic checks around the dumpster for any trash/stray materials.

Following approvals from Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Pennsylvania and Consolidated Scrap Resources, the borough recycling dumpster can be placed.

The Denver filter plant roof, which leaked and was repaired, continues to develop leaks threatening the integrity of the building, council members learned. Public works employees repaired numerous other leaks during the last two years.

“We’re starting to see mold develop inside,” said George Whetsel, director of public works.

“Three roof replacement bids, all relatively close, were secured,” said Mike Hession, borough manager.

Council awarded low bidder George Grove and Sons the roof replacement contract for $17,840.


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