M.A. Brightbill Body Works, Inc. supports Cocalico students

By on February 6, 2013

Pictured is (left to right) Mrs. Sharon Myers, CEF trustee and Mr. Bruce A. Leauby, CFO of M.A. Brightbill Body Works, Inc.

The Cocalico Education Foundation (CEF) would like to thank M.A. Brightbill Body Works, Inc., the school bus dealership that provides bussing services to Cocalico School District, for their generous donation of $4,444. These funds were donated as part of The Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program and will be used to help fund initiatives promoting cultural experiences, the arts, and literacy activities. The CEF manages the donations and awards money to deserving programs that are not funded by the district and the local tax base. Thanks to Brightbill and other local businesses, quality education can continue to encourage more productive, motivated students even in times of increasing economic hardships and eroding revenue sources.

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