Miffed East Cocalico supervisors “Review” West’s police message

By on August 26, 2015

The East Cocalico supervisors are not exactly pleased with their counterparts at West Cocalico who have made it clear that continued police coverage by the East Cocalico Police Department ends Dec. 31.

And the East supervisors, at their Aug. 20 meeting, expressed their displeasure that they learned of that action through the Aug. 19 issue of The Ephrata Review.

It was at the West meeting of Aug. 18 that the decision was made public. West supervisors said a letter would be sent to East by its Sept. 1 deadline declaring termination of coverage at year’s end.

“I didn’t know West’s decision and read it in the paper,” said East Chairman Douglas Mackey. “I’m sorry they’re not considering contracting police service if they’re not returning to the table to be an equal partner in running a regional department.”

Police Board Chair and Supervisor Noelle Fortna agreed, saying it’s illogical and sad to have West pull out.

“Denver and East Cocalico will continue to work as partners,” she said.

Mackley, Fortna, and Supervisor Alan Fry praised Denver officials’ hard work in pursuing the goal of a regional force starting Jan. 1, 2016.

Adamstown supervisors have till Sept. 1 to notify East as to whether or not they intend to contract service from the new regional police department.

Until it is known exactly which municipalities will be covered, it will be difficult for East Cocalico to determine specifics regarding budget and staffing for a regional force.

A regional police board meeting set for Thursday, Aug. 27, was cancelled by the East supervisors.

The next regional police board meeting is set for Sept. 24 at 7 p.m. at the East Cocalico Municipal Building, 100 Hill Road, Denver.


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