New tax collector for Denver Borough

By on April 25, 2018

Denver Council convened a special council meeting Monday, April 23, and approved the County of Lancaster collecting real estate taxes assessed by the borough and the county.

On April 11, Lee Ann Crooks, Denver’s tax collector since January, emailed Denver manager, Mike Hession and said she would resign from her position, effective April 13. No reason was given.

“This is a tough time to have the tax collector resign,” Hession said. “The discount period for taxpayers is in its last two weeks, and the majority of people pay during that time. We have residents walking into the borough office to pay their taxes and we can’t stamp them as paid. We do give them a receipt.”

County treasurer, Amber Martin, who attended the council meeting, explained the process for the county to process Denver’s taxes. She will present Denver’s request to county commissioners April 24 and commissioners will vote to approve the county as collector on April 25.

Following the commissioner’s approval, the county will audit taxes collected to date. Martin said the audit will take 24 hours. The county then will begin processing the resident’s taxes.

Residents will receive a phone call from the borough with a recorded message regarding the change in tax collector. The borough will continue to receive payments, which will be date stamped and forwarded to the county treasurer’s office. All payments prior to April 30 will be recorded as discount payments by the county.

Crooks accepted the position after receiving eight write-in votes in the November 2017 election. Prior to Crooks, the county collected Denver’s taxes in 2017, and Hession said there was never any problem. The borough’s cost is the same — 75 cents per parcel — whether the tax collector collects the taxes or the county.


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