‘Owl’ be seeing you…

By on March 24, 2016

The buzz began about a month ago, and now the suspicions of many have proven true regarding the owl, which has once again taken up residence in the tree along the creek in Ephrata’s Tom Grater Park.

Reporter Dick Wanner went down to the scene of interest Tuesday morning and though there have been confirmed reports of two owlets joining their mother in the nest, he said they have, for the most part, remained hidden. Wanner’s newspaper co-hart Mike Shull, however, was able to get a quick photograph of one of the young owls, at another time on Tuesday.

Wanner said the youngest owlet reportedly hatched about two weeks ago, a day or two after its sibling. He says they may start making more appearances as they get older, and by six weeks, should be scampering about the nest and nearby branches.

The nest is located across the Cocalico Creek from the Eicher Arts Center. Because of its location and with the creek as a barrier, the nest is highly visible but very well protected from the curious crowds of birders who turn out most days to check on them. Although a crowd of visitors early in the nesting season could interfere with the owl pair’s eagerness to nest, at this point in the season they don’t seem to be bothered by company.

Sharp eyes have spotted the male owl roosting in a pine tree a few hundred yards downstream from the nest. Wanner says he’s typically in a spot where it’s almost impossible to get a photograph.


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