Reamstown Pool snack bar cited for violations

By on July 26, 2017

Reamstown Pool snack bar received a third published report of inspection violations. The news was published in LNP’s Sunday, July 23, edition.

At the East Cocalico Township supervisors July 20 meeting, township Manager Scott Russell reported that he met with Donny Stover, snack bar operator, after the first inspection, more than a month ago.

The second published report, following a June 29 inspection, appeared Sunday, July 16. Two of the three violations were repeat ones. Russell said he’ll be scheduling another meeting with Stover.

Russell said the supervisors were not aware of the third inspection, despite the fact that Supervisor Alan Fry is in charge of the pool. Fry has denied responsibility for the snack bar there.

The public became aware of this third inspection with the July 23 published restaurant inspection report.

“A meeting with Donny Stover, snack bar subcontractor, was held Tuesday, July 25,” said Russell. “The township takes the inspection findings very seriously and they’ll be corrected by the end of the week.”

Russell indicated deficiencies cited, such as failure to have the original certificate for the certified food employee posted in public view, and using sponges on food contact services are procedural types of things. There is no deficiency in facilities and equipment.

In the third inspection report, one deficiency noted in the second inspection was corrected. The original certificate for the certified food employee is posted.

Repeat violations for the third time included sponges, as evidenced by a dirty sponge on the three-bay sink, being used to clean food contact services. Utensils used for timed controlled safety foods aren’t washed, rinsed and sanitized every four hours, only at the end of the day.

New items noted in the third report included: the food handler had no knowledge of sanitizer concentration, donned single-use gloves without washing hands first, chewed gum, had food equipment stored with no protection from flies, and had an unlabeled bottle of water on a shelf with chemicals.

Repeat snack bar violations, as well as safety concerns for young people employed, were conversation topics with several residents in the municipal hallway after the supervisors went into executive session. One particular safety concern expressed was thorough training for operating the fryer when pool patrons order funnel cakes so no one is burned by flame ups of hot oil.

A spokesperson reached at the Department of Agriculture said follow-up food inspections will continue until there is compliance. Russell said he’ll report on progress monitoring at the Aug. 3 meeting.



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