Safety and security 2017 priority for East Cocalico

By on December 7, 2016

The East Cocalico Township supervisors discussed the need for better outdoor lighting around the municipal building at their Thursday, Dec. 1, meeting.

Current antiquated lighting doesn’t illuminate the ground area well and “spills” light upward where it’s not needed.

“We’ll be evaluating other safety and security measures as well,” said supervisor Chairman Doug Mackley. “If you enter other township’s municipal offices, you simply don’t just walk right in. Attention to these issues is a sign of the age in which we live.”

Supervisors said personnel from the water and sewer authority and the police department, also located in the municipal building, will be consulted regarding proposals to address safety and security.

Minutes from the Nov. 22 draft budget meeting were approved. No increase in real estate tax is recommended.

The East Cocalico average assessed home value is $132,600. With the 2.05 millage rate, the average levied township property tax is $271.83.

In other business:

* Supervisors announced 23 applications for the road crew vacancy position advertised. Interviews will begin shortly with the intent of hiring two road crew workers to replace the two who resigned recently.

* Resident Brian Wise indicated interest in a monthly highway department report.

“We hear a detailed police report each month, a detailed zoning officer’s report and nothing regarding all the road work accomplished,” Wise said. “We spent money for a computer for the highway department and it wouldn’t take much to keep track of what’s done and report it. The report doesn’t need to be in detail, just highlights.”

Interim Manager Steve Gabriel said he’d speak with the roadmaster and assistant roadmaster regarding this. Mackley said that the computer was needed for required MS4 data collection.

* The board responded to questions emailed to the interim manager by the Ephrata Review regarding using a quorum of supervisors in two unannounced meetings with representatives from Denver Council to take action regarding a police service contract proposal for Denver.

Gabriel said that “in hindsight an open meeting would have been better and then, if necessary, go into a closed session.”

Mackley said executive sessions were used in case their talks with Denver impacted the collective bargaining agreement with the police.

“That agreement was settled a long time before these talks occurred,” Wise said.

* Supervisors praised residents’ 100-percent compliance regarding the current quarter pumping schedule. Residents receive a postcard reminder every three years when it’s time to pump out their septic tank.



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