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By on January 15, 2014

Time for that New Year’s resolution

The following is an article submitted by Mike Gesemer, vice president of Denver Borough Council, on the need for monetary donations to the Denver Fire Company.

As the year comes to an end and plans are made for the New Year, Denver residents need to be aware of the financial crunch facing the Denver Fire Company.

Last year, these volunteers responded to 227 calls for service. They put out our fires. They pump out our flooded basements. They rescue the victims of accidents and disasters. During the year 2012, it is estimated that they saved more than $856,000 worth of property and contents.

As a new member of Borough Council, I was really shocked and disappointed to learn that only 31 percent of our residents respond to the annual fund drive. Even more disappointing is the fact that only 26 percent of local businesses contribute to the cause. I do understand that these are hard times and that there are some people who simply cannot afford to contribute. But 31 percent of the people should not be expected to support this valuable service that is provided to everyone.

The Denver Fire Company is served by volunteers who respond to calls in the middle of the night during all kinds of weather. A recent independent study conducted by the Borough commended the department for their six-minute response time. That’s six minutes from the time they receive the call until the moment they arrive on the scene. They do it because they are dedicated to the community and the people who live here. I don’t think it’s fair that we ask these same individuals to spend their nights and weekends raising the money necessary to support this service.

Recent newspaper reports indicate that several communities in Lancaster County are enacting a fire tax to supplement the needs of volunteers. I hope that does not become necessary for Denver Borough. We have a history of taking care of our own. I ask each of you to make a special effort to consider the needs of the Denver Fire Company when you receive your annual fund drive request. They are a vital part of the infrastructure of this community. They are always there for us in our time of need. Now it’s our turn to be there for them.

Denver Fire Company is located at 425 Locust St, Denver. For more information or to donate, call 336-2911.

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