South Fourth Street Bridge construction site in Denver set for signal

By on August 2, 2017

A traffic signal allowing alternating single-lane traffic at the South Fourth Street bridge replacement construction site should be operating Wednesday, Aug. 2.

Borough Manager Mike Hession explained this is pending UGI finishing the gas main relocation from the southbound side of the bridge to the northbound side of the bridge. The extended time needed for this task delayed the project and destruction of the southbound lane.

Cocalico School District Director of Transportation David Lutz will meet with Hession and others to discuss bus transportation concerns with the bridge construction. Within a six-minute period each afternoon more than a dozen buses normally travel over the South Fourth Street Bridge. Alternate routes need to handle safely the weight of the buses.

Another construction site issue is the “End Road Work” sign which extends out over the sidewalk.

This sidewalk will be used by pedestrians and students during the first phase of the bridge project. The sign needs to be replaced with either a smaller sign or sign on a pole in the grassy strip between the curb and sidewalk to permit pedestrian traffic.

The first half of the bridge completion date is April 2018. At that point a more accurate completion date can be determined. Right now completion is targeted for November 2018.

“Hope for a mild winter,” said Hession.

In other business:

* East Cocalico Police Chief Terry Arment reported 910 calls in June for the department. There were 68 traffic citations, 57 traffic warnings, and 15 parking tickets issued. Vehicle crashes totaled 35. Criminal cases totaled 43 and 29 of these are cleared.

* Arment said a medical call to a Denver residence with a total of 13 cats (nine of which were two litters of kittens) saw two emergency responders scratched and bit. Since the owner could not show paperwork indicating up-to-date feline inoculations, the first responders need to undergo additional medical treatment.

* Public comments regarding Denver’s stormwater management plan (MS4), will be heard at the next two council meetings — Aug. 14 and 28, beginning at 7 p.m. Hession said Denver proposes four rain gardens, and the borough has two grants to help construct these.

Other projects include the Denver House riparian buffer project and the “big item” will be 850 feet feet of stream bank restoration at the Bonview Linear Park. The borough has received no written comments about the plan.

* Public Works Director George Whetsel reported working on the municipal lot rain garden, flushing fire hydrants (two are in need of repair), and a sewer clog due to tree roots at Orange Alley and Locust Street.

* Hession reported the tall weeds behind the second block of South Fourth Street were cleared by a subcontractor. The owner will be billed.

* Council continued discussion regarding the content of a quality of life ordinance, specifically about what fine amount is appropriate following notification of a violation and no compliance after a specific number of days. The ordinance will address issues like tall weeds, furniture on exterior property areas, location of rubbish containers and vehicles not licensed or inspected on the property (excluding automotive businesses). The goal of council is to not permit these issues to continue for long periods of time.


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