Supervisors hear protests on snow removal, speeding

By on March 18, 2011

The first off-site” meeting of the year for the East Cocalico Township Supervisors saw plenty of lively discussion on a number of topics. The well attended meeting at Stevens Fire Hall, heard citizens comment on snow removal, speeding vehicles on Stevens Road, and tractor trailers not able to negotiate turning onto Wabash Road from Stevens Road easily. I m not happy with snow removal on township roads around here, Brian Tothero, of Stevens Road, said. When you let snow get packed down, it puts people at risk, like first responders

“We got a lot of calls on the last storm, Supervisor Chairman, Doug Mackley said. In developments, we don’t plow as deep due to manhole covers, etc. It was hard because there was ice underneath. This storm got ahead of us. We appreciate the long hours the road crews put in.

“In this last snow, Supervisor Alan Fry said, we used metal tipped blades in some developments instead of the equipment with rubber tipped blades and it ripped off some manhole covers. Now we need to go back and fix them.

Township Manager, Mark Hiester, added that the forecast was not sure if the precipitation would be rain or ice. Frank Weaver, from Stevens, told supervisors he attended the supervisors meeting held at the Stevens Fire Hall two years ago. I brought up a concern about speeding two years ago, Weaver said. We are now getting a lot of tractor trailers shuttling between Denver and Four Seasons. They (tractor trailers) get hung up making the left turn off Stevens Road. Speeders are still a concern, Weaver added, stating they travel Schoeneck Road, down through Stevens toward Denver. We’ve referred this problem to the state, Mackley said, regarding the truck issue. There’s just not enough radius for turning these big tractor trailers. We’re waiting for the state to get back to us.

Police Chief Beever spoke to the speeding concerns and said the department would continue to address the issue. Land planning engineer Brent Lied explained two waiver modification requests for Stoney Pointe, phase 2. The first waiver, which supervisors approved with conditions, deals with using on-site soil materials for backfill in road trenches and right-of-ways. Lied said that this was done in phase 1. The moisture levels of soil materials need to be suitable. If not, the fall back is stone. The second waiver, which supervisors approved, concerned the depth of storm water pipes. The plan for Stoney Pointe’s phase 2 will come before the board at a future date, after some technical items are addressed, said Lied. Supervisors adopted a job description for a financial administrator.

Formerly the township used a bookkeeper job description. This is a better title for what the person does, Hiester said. Supervisors adopted the same pool rates for 2011 as the township had in 2010. A season pass for a family is $145 before June 6 or $155 after. Non-resident family rates are $170 before June 6 and $180 after. Adult rates are $90 before and $95 after. Daily rates (adults $7, students $5, and senior citizens $4) are half price after 5 p.m. How the pool snack bar will run and who will run it is still being worked on, Mackley said. Lawn mowing bids for the township s 34 acres ranged from $11,400 to $26,495. Low bidder, BR Services, 35 School Lane, Stevens, was awarded the lawn mowing contract.

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