The numbers add up: It’s a clean audit for Cocalico School District

By on November 19, 2014

The Cocalico School District got an A+ report card at the Monday night school board meeting.

Auditor Karen Shenk from Trout, Ebersole & Groff presented the schedule of findings and questioned costs of Cocalico School District to the board.

“It’s a clean audit report,” said Shenk.

Much of the information was discussed in a previous meeting and topics presented Monday was mostly for public dissemination.

“There are no material weaknesses or significant deficiencies relating to the audit of the financial statements,” said Superintendent Bruce Sensenig. “There are no instances of noncompliance material to the financial statements of Cocalico School District and no material weaknesses or significant deficiencies relating to the audit of the major federal programs.”

Sensenig thanked Sherri Stull and the business office for their competency for keeping Cocalico on the “straight and narrow.”

“Cocalico School District is good financially compared to a lot of schools with debts they face,” said Mike Messner, board member. “This is important to present to show how the administration and the business office don’t spend money willy-nilly. We remain frugal going forward because of unknowns. The report is sparkling on the financial aspects of Cocalico.”

All motions were unanimously approved at the meeting such as the approval of the Capital Project Fund Account Register in the amount of $483,651.05. The two-part expenditure was briefly discussed.

“The construction fund is taking care of Phase I of the softball field which is being completed now,” said Sensenig. “The grass has been seeded. Some will be done later in Phase II such as the fences need to be put up and the dug-outs need to be constructed.

“The second part is the capital project fund in purchases that we made in finishing off the security system.”

He also noted that a John Deere tractor and a passenger van were purchased.

In other news:

* The Mount Joy Campus Residential Development for Hope Building Project was approved.

* The Software License Agreement with Warwick School District was approved.

* The school board decided to self-report disclosures to the SEC (U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission).

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