USA Gypsum launches new endeavors

By on December 28, 2016

Denver-based USA Gypsum, gypsum products manufacturer and one of the largest gypsum drywall recyclers in the United States, has announced the launch of its new website, research library and e-commerce store at

From the home page, site visitors can enter two separate sides of the site dedicated to either Gypsum Drywall Recycling or Gypsum Products. On the Drywall Recycling side, visitors will find information about the benefits of recycling drywall scraps and can learn how to responsibly and cost-effectively recycle gypsum drywall waste

The gypsum products pages feature an extensive library of research documents and application tips. Gypsum continues to gain popularity as research and experience confirm its effectiveness as a tool to improve air, water and soil quality. Recently the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service officially recognized gypsum by releasing Conservation Practice Standard Amending Soil Properties with gypsum products code 333, which confirms benefits and application criteria.

Founded in 1998, USA Gypsum provides economical solutions for disposing of drywall waste, pulling in drywall scraps from distribution and construction companies. During the past 11 years, USA Gypsum has diverted more than 300,000 tons (600 million pounds) of drywall from area landfills, upcycling it for beneficial use in the form of gypsum fertilizer, soil conditioners, and amendments, animal bedding, industrial uses and much more. In spite of this growth, it is estimated less than 10 percent of drywall scraps generated in the Northeast are recycled.

For further information, contact USA Gypsum at (717)335-0379 or visit

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