West Cocalico discusses chronic wasting disease

By on March 7, 2018

Coversation at the West Cocalico Board of Supervisors meeting on March 1 was largely centered around chronic wasting disease and talk of a potential sewage plant.

In public comment, Zoning board member Terry Eberly asked the board if there was anything that the township could do to help prevent the spread of chronic wasting disease in the area. He expressed concern over the flow of springs down into Middle Creek, which could potentially carry the disease. He mentioned the idea of requiring double fences for penned herds to further separate them from wild herds.

“There’s nothing in zoning that requires a double fence,” said Carolyn Hildebrand, township manager. “But it may be something to think about.”

Supervisors chair James J. Stoner said that the board can’t supercede the Game Commission or Ag, but it may be helpful to bring a zoning attorney or soliciter to a future meeting to discuss the issue. Stoner concluded that the topic needed further conversation and the board will look into it.

In old business, discussion of the 537 plan raised tensions. West Cocalico resident Kurt Eckenroad expressed his concern about the potential of a sewage plant being constructed near his home.

Stoner, however, was quick to assure him that no decisions have been made and solutions to the sewage problem are still being discussed.

Entech will be present at the March 13 Authority meeting for further discussion.

In other business:

  • Supervisors approved advertising the paving bid, and Beiler Properties sewage planning exemption as public sewer is required.

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