More upgrades coming to The New Main

By on June 28, 2017
The Ketchum family open the New Main Thursday evening. They are (left to right) Penn, Aimee, Marley and Kayla.

The Ketchum family open the New Main (left to right) Penn, Aimee, Marley and Kayla.

While things are off to a great start at The New Main theater in downtown Ephrata, owner Penn Ketchum announced some additional improvements coming soon.

In response to customer feedback, he said he has ordered additional booster seats to improve the view for youngsters enjoying the show.

“We have ordered four times the amount of booster seats that you might expect for the number of seats we have (90 seats in each theater and they ordered 72 boosters).

“We did this because with the sloped floors we do think it’s likely that more kids would want booster seats than in a typical theater. We expect these seats to arrive literally any day now,” Ketchum said.

Additionally, popcorn lovers will be pleased to hear a new butter machine will have also arrived by the time The Review goes to print.

But even bigger news may be what’s to come that is indeed another significant investment in The New Main and, downtown Ephrata.

“We have ordered a Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine which is wildly popular with customers,” Ketchum said. “It will be installed in the lobby and will bring with it self-serve soda and ICEE’s. This will be a very popular amenity.”

The improvements will be in place for a strong slate of new features and a classic coming in the days ahead.

“With all these improvements and tickets onsale now for Despicable Me 3, Jaws (1975) and Spider-Man Homecoming, we have high hopes for a super fun summer! And in the meantime, we continue to be grateful for everyone’s great support and are excited about doing business in Ephrata,” Ketchum said.

He also wanted to emphasize that the wildly successful $5 Tuesdays will be continuing each week for all titles.

Ketchum also shared the reason behind his selection of Jaws, celebrating its 42nd anniversary this week, for its upcoming run at the New Main.

“We are doing this literally just for the fun of it. It is a real classic “summertime” movie and we all thought since we would only have Cars and Despicable Me, it might be fun to slip something a little more “grown up” into the mix,” he said.

Tickets are available online at

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