A splash for the food bank

By on August 8, 2012

The local food banks are dangerously low in goods for distribution to those who need food. Ephrata Area Social Services (EASS) in Ephrata on State Street provides the food bank in this area and currently exhibits empty shelves.

The Ephrata community will have the opportunity to change this by providing the food bank with the chance to serve abundantly the hungry in Ephrata and surrounding areas that it covers. The EASS is asking that each person, young or young-at-heart, using the Ephrata Community Pool on Aug. 17 and 18 between 1 and 3 p.m. bring a non-perishable item for a food bank drive. If it rains both days, the rain date will be Aug. 20.

The pool will allow a table to be set up at the entrance. Children should ask their parents to give them a can of food to donate before they leave for the pool each day. Each person will receive a coupon for use at the food stand at the pool or theater for a container as a thank you. Lily’s on Main in Ephrata is providing the popcorn donation.

This simple act on the way to the pool will help a person eat who may not have a meal. One should not have to choose between eating and buying medicine or another needed item. The public is invited to step up and help feed the community. Those who will not be swimming are invited to drop an item off and view the new community pool.

The gift may be a life-saver. More FOOD BANK, page A16

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