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Primary attracts few; shake

up on Akron Borough Council

Voter apathy was apparent in Tuesday’s primary election where turnout in some areas was as low as five percent.Election Linda Martin

One Ephrata poll official noted the pace of “nine votes per hour” decided a few contested races, including one for the Ephrata School Board.

In that election, where six candidates vied for five seats, four incumbents prevailed in the GOP race. They are Judy S. Beiler, Tim Stauffer, Chris Weber, and Theodore Kachel.

Returning candidate Neal D. Reichard rounded out the fifth spot while Suzanne M. Delahunt, who cross-filed, finished in the sixth. But Delahunt will still make it on the general election ballot as a Democrat in November, as she bested Kachel and Beiler, who also cross-filed.

In Akron, five candidates were seeking the Republican nomination for three seats. Daniel McCormac was the only one of three incumbents to win. He joins new candidates Philip Benigno and John Williamson, who took the most votes in the primary vote.


Akron Borough

Council GOP

John Williamson 252

Philip Benigno 209

Daniel McCormac 194

  1. Jeffrey Shirk 150

John D. Taylor 118


In the GOP contest for constable in Akron, Jamie Willwerth defeated Gregory L. Leisey.


Akron Borough

Constable GOP

Jamie Willwerth 235

Gregory L. Leisey 91


In Denver, where four candidates were seeking only three open seats on borough council, incumbent Michael W. Cohick was the odd man out. Blake S. Daub, John P. Palm, and Todd Stewart will make it to the GOP ballot in November’s general election.


Denver Borough

Council GOP

Blake S. Daub 108

John P. Palm 106

Todd Stewart 114

Michael W. Cohick 90

Social media responders reacted to the small turnout Tuesday. Darlene Fassnacht suggested Pennsylvania should “change their primary system in how we are allowed to cast our vote.”

Tyler David shared a distaste for politics in general .

“Who cares,” he said. “(From) local to the White House are two-faced people anyways.”

Benjamin Slider suggested that voters couldn’t get excited because “nobody knows much about any of the candidates.”

“True, it’s on us to research the one name in the please choose one categories,” he said. “Local elections should be more important to all of us than they have become.”

Still others, such as Esther Weaver reiterated the importance of voting in all elections.

“We always vote!! It’s our civic duty and a privilege,” she said.

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Photos by Patrick Burns


Voter turnout at the Ephrata and Akron polls was minimal Tuiesday for the primary elections.

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