Cocalico sergeant hero in liver transplant drama

By on January 12, 2017
Darrick Keppley

Darrick Keppley

A liver, stored safely in a box, was on its way from York Hospital for a transplant operation when its ride crashed at the Pennsylvania Turnpike interchange in Denver.

The vehicle transporting it crashed due to slippery roads Saturday morning at 9:27, according to East Cocalico Police.

Doctors had already begun the transplant preparation procedure at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, when the SUV slid off the road while getting off Route 222 to catch the turnpike, police said.

Saving the day was East Cocalico Sgt. Darrick Keppley. Keppley responded to the crash and offered to take the medical personnel to the hospital.

The liver wasn’t damaged in the accident, having been triple-bagged in a solution, on ice, in a cooler and in a box.

Activating the lights and sirens on his cruiser, Keppley got them to the hospital via the turnpike and the Schuylkill Expressway without further incident.

Dr. Warren Maley told the York Daily Record that the operation went very well, and credited these heroes: the donor, the donor’s family, and Keppley.

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