Ephrata Twp. says goodbye to Chief Harvey

By on October 9, 2019

Ephrata Township Supervisors on Oct. 1 bid a fond farewell to retiring Ephrata Police Chief William Harvey at Monday evening’s supervisors’ meeting, when Harvey stopped by to give the monthly police report and say ‘see you later.’

Chairman Clark Stauffer said he not only appreciated Chief Harvey’s work, but also his interest in agriculture and the rural life.

Harvey, a native of Virginia, spent much of his working life in Georgia before coming to Pennsylvania, first as Lebanon’s Chief of Police, then as Ephrata’s police chief, a post he assumed in early 2009. His last day on the job was Oct.4.

Before the end of the year, Harvey and his wife will move to Appomattox in Virginia, where his mother resides.

Harvey, 63, served with the Savannah Police Department in Georgia for more than 20 years. He is known in Lancaster County for his educational presentations, including live-shooter drills, his calm manner in addressing crises, and his Southern accent.

Harvey has been a popular fixture in the area for many years, and will be missed, said Supervisor Tony Haws.

“Thank you for your service and enjoy your retirement,” Haws told Harvey.
When Supervisor J. Taylor Zerbe asked if Harvey will be returning next year for the Ephrata Fair — an event of epic proportions — Harvey laughed and said he’s had enough event planning for awhile.

Harvey said he may have some contacts in the area that he’ll be returning to on occasion.

“Don’t worry about me leaving,” Harvey told the township officials. “You’ve got splendid staff taking over.”

Harvey, who served in the U.S. Army Military Police Corp, said officers taught their compatriots how to lead before taking another post.

“We have good first responders, here, too,” Harvey said.

“I think I’ve given it my all and it’s time to break camp and move back home,” Harvey aid. “It’s been a pleasure — and I can’t help but say it’s been fun serving you.”

Township Manager Steve Sawyer also had praise for Harvey.

“I’ve enjoyed working with Chief Harvey; he’s been great to work with, and it doesn’t seem like ten years,” Sawyer said.

“It’s been a good run with all of you,” Harvey said, adding a special commendation for Sawyer.

“He’s the kind of guy, that if he says there’s cheese on the mountain, you take crackers,” Harvey said, offering his opinion of Sawyer’s honesty.

Local businessman Scott Cover was in attendance and also offered his gratitude.

“I’d like to thank the chief for his service to the community,” Cover said. “He’s dealt with many different aspects of the township and the people and he’s settled some controversies. I really hate to see him retire. He’s done a good job.”

Marylouise Sholly is a freelance feature writer for The Ephrata Review. She welcomes your comments and questions at weezsholly@verizon.net. 

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