GOP wins big here

By on November 4, 2015

But  Democrats gain control of Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court


Despite perfect weather with 70-plus Election Poll Grace church 20151103_091915_Fotortemperatures on Election Day Tuesday, one Ephrata polling official reported voter turnout at about 10 percent by mid-day.

And it didn’t get much better.

Still, Ephrata Area School Board candidates prevailed and GOP Republicans swept countywide.

Lancaster County voters also heavily favored the three unsuccessful GOP candidates for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in the most high-profile race of the 2015 election.

In the local school board election in Ephrata, the five registered Republicans as expected dominated.  The GOP winners were led by Judy S. Beiler, with 3,003 votes; followed by Theodore Kachel, 2,986; Tim Stauffer, 2,532;  Chris Weber, 2,494; Neal D. Reichard, 2, 424.

The lone Democrat on the ballot, Suzanne M. Delahunt,  garnered 1,027 votes.

The lack of locally contested races and no significant national races helped dim voter turnout, election offiicials said.

Still, 64,999 voters made it out to the polls countywide, which represents a 21.06 percent turnout.

In the countywide races, GOP candidate Jacquelyn Pfursich, 39,800 votes, defeated Democrat Eric D. Rutherford, 22,068, for a four-year term as Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas.

In the race for County Commissioner, Republican incumbent Dennis Stuckey, 40,586; and GOP newcomer Josh Parsons, 37,088; joined Democratic incumbent Craig Lehman, 25,774, as winners.

In the race for a four-year term as Prothonotary of Lancaster County,  Republican  incumbent Katherine Wood-Jacobs, 39,703, defeated Democrat Scott Althouse, 22,233.

In the race for a four-year term as Lancaster County Treasurer, Republican Amber Green, 39,777, defeated Democrat Jen Porter, 21,674.

In a retention vote, Judge Dennis E. Reinaker, a Republican who presides over the Court of Common Pleas, won a seat on the bench for another 10 years.

Democrats swept a race for control of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The winners of the seven-way race were Philadelphia Judge Kevin Dougherty and Superior Court judges David Wecht and Christine Donohue of Allegheny County.

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