Habitual dog hoarding in Rothsville

By on April 1, 2015

Dog law officers responded last week for the third time to a property owned by serial dog hoarder Barbara E. Dienner.
The Pennsylvania SPCA’s action in seizing 19 dogs March 27 from Dienner’s property on the 800 block of Ballstown Road brings the total number to more than 110 dogs removed from her custody since 2012, according to court records.At the Truck
Dog officers on Dec. 16 removed 62 dogs from deplorable conditions inside and out of Dienner’s property located about half way between Lititz and Ephrata in Rothsville, Warwick Township.

While no charges have been filed yet from the March 27 raid, a clerk from District Judge Edward Tobin’s office said charges are expected be filed there.

Tobin on Feb. 18 finalized sentencing Dienner on the Dec. 16 incident where she pled guilty to 62 counts of summary animal cruelty.

According to court records, Dienner was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation.

Tobin’s office on Tuesday referred questions about that case to the SPCA.

Court records note that Dienner had “180 days to complete psychological evaluation and avail herself of any recommended treatment.

Proof must be submitted by August 14, 2015 or full fines/costs will be assessed.”

In November 2011, the Bureau of Dog Law filed misdemeanor charges against Dienner for operating an illegal kennel on a property in Gordonville. In that case, which was adjudicated in Feb 2012, Dienner pleaded guilty to 37 counts in all, relating to dozens of dogs investigators found last year at her home in the 200 block of Queen Road.

Dienner agreed to pay a $1,150 fine and surrender all but five of her dogs, according to a court order. She was also charged in 2011 with operating an illegal kennel on her property in Gordonville.

“Unfortunately it does not appear that the previous charges and penalties were a sufficient deterrent for Ms. Dienner. Too often in our work we find repeat offenders,” responded Pennsylvania SPCA CEO, Jerry Buckley.

In Tobin’s Feb 15 ruling, Dienner was ordered to pay a $50 fine on the 62 counts and is prohibited from owning more than one spayed/neutered dog for 90 days from the court date for each count. She was cited for unsanitary confinement and lack of necessary veterinary care.Officer Martinez with adult

Dienner’s pattern of disobeying authorities and the court are well documented, according to newspapers reports.

Dienner was cited more than a dozen times in the summer of 2011 for animal cruelty and related offenses. During one visit to the home, officers served Dienner with a cease-and-desist order, according to an affidavit of probable cause.

When the officers returned months later, Dienner hadn’t obeyed the order, the affidavit shows. Finally, in November 2011, the Bureau of Dog Law filed misdemeanor charges for operating an illegal kennel.

Similar to the animals seized in the most recent raids, the dogs removed from Dienner’s residence in 2012 were smaller breeds, such as miniature poodles, poodle/spaniel mixes and terrier mixes,

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