Rowe provides incentive to fundraise: $2,500 and she gets a ‘buzz cut’

By on July 3, 2012

By: MARSHA DiBONAVENTURO Special To The Review, Staff Writer

In an economic environment where budget cuts and financial uncertainty are common, non-profits are challenged to be creative and compelling in their quest to provide consistent service while raising the funds to ensure that consistency. Downtown Ephrata Inc. (DEI), the grass-roots downtown Ephrata revitalization group, will be revving up a funding campaign shortly, but decided to implement a precursor to that event and have some fun at the same time.

Borough Councilwoman Sue Rowe, the Council Liaison to the DEI Board, threw down the gauntlet at DEI’s June board meeting: "Raise $2,500 by the next board meeting," Rowe said, "and I will get a buzz cut". To add a little spice for the donors, the largest contributor (individual or group) will get to make the first cut.

Bill Warrell, DEI board president, noted that, while volunteers are passionate about the organization they support, most are uncomfortable about getting out there and asking others to part with their hard-earned dollars.

"This kind of fundraising event is obtainable and adds an element of fun. There are no restrictions on the size of the contribution, large or small. Any amount is welcome; it is the concept of participation and support that is important. I think a lot of people will respect Sue’s gracious offer as an action that clearly demonstrates her commitment to downtown Ephrata, and DEI. Hopefully, others will recognize that commitment and support DEI efforts."

As is becoming the practice in this electronic age, a "Donate" button on the DEI home page will allow anyone to participate in this fun event. Checks and cash may be sent to the DEI office at PO Box 124, Ephrata, PA, 17522, or hand delivered to a DEI board member (they are also identified in the "About Us" section of the DEI web site). Those who donate before July 11 will receive a note of thanks along with the time and place of Ms. Rowe’s "re-styling". Of course, if the challenge is not met, Ms. Rowe will retain her locks. The web site address is:

DEI’s body of work spans eight years and includes 63 facade projects, a 1,110 square foot mural and green space, the establishment of a business revolving loan fund, the landscape improvement project at the old train station, the planter program and a partner in the rehab of the old Sprecher building.

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