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By on May 15, 2019

Terram Olei debuts new Halotherapy booth, offers wide range of natural products

A trip to Green Dragon Market is a Friday tradition for many Ephrata residents. It’s the perfect place to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables, delicious baked goods such as apple dumplings and whoopie pies, or to just follow your nose to some of the mouth-watering food stands located inside and outside the market’s buildings.

Terram Olei, located in Building No. 1 near Rachel’s Restaurant at Green Dragon, 955 N. State St., Ephrata, is a little bit different than most of its surrounding businesses. Terram Olei offers various natural, medicinal quality products that can be used as an aid in managing health and wellness in everyday life.

Sophia Harmes, a distributor and wellness advocate, sells various products at Terram Olei to promote health, including doTERRA essential oils, diffusers, Himalayan salt lamps, and handmade jewelry for essential oils.

“I can recommend items for a customer who isn’t sure what they are looking for, and I can even make something depending on someone’s need,” said Harmes. Harmes makes her own natural, chemical-free lip balm, body spray, roll-on perfume, and more, which can also be purchased at the stand. Additionally, she has a flea and tick spray and shampoo for pets, and there are do-it-yourself containers and ingredients available for people who want to make products on their own.

Aside from these other products, Harmes recently debuted a brand new “salty” feature to Terram Olei, known as a Halotherapy booth.

Halotherapy uses specifically-designed equipment, known as Halogenerators, to crush pure salt into microscopic sizes and distribute it into the booth, which can assist with respiratory problems, help boost the immune system, and improve athletic performance.

Sophia Harmes, distributor and wellness advocate, stands next to the wide selection of Himalayan salt lamps available at Terram Olei.

“The salt grinds up finely and blows out like a mist every few seconds, helping to pull toxins from the body,” said Harmes.

Salt particles on the skin also assist in fighting bacteria and reducing inflammation, as well as removing allergens and clearing airways. The booth ultimately gives the same effects and benefits of a salt room, except in a slightly more enclosed environment.

Pictured are some of the various sizes and shapes of Himalayan salt lamps available for purchase at Terram Olei, and yes, there is a cat lamp!

“The booth has a wooden bench to sit on and there is plexi glass in the front so people can see out, for those who might feel a little claustrophobic,” said Harmes. “People can also use their phones and listen to music while inside the Halotherapy booth. I can provide music, or people can to their own.”
Halotherapy also provides multiple wellness benefits such as improving sleep quality, having more energy, and helping to detoxify lungs and skin, which can assist people with asthma or allergy issues.

The cost to experience the Halotherapy booth is $20 for a 20 minute session. Longer sessions are available by appointment. The price for children is $10 and they must be accompanied by a paying parent or guardian, since the adult will need to sit in the booth with the child during the session.

It is then only $10 for the parent or guardian to participate, keeping the total cost at $20 for the session. After experiencing the Halotherapy booth, the body can feel much more relaxed and allow people to breathe easier

The Himalayan salt lamps, which can be noticed immediately upon arrival at the Terram Olei stand, allow for ongoing salt therapy within the comfort of being at home.

“The Halotherapy booth and salt lamps compliment each other, so people that enjoy the benefits of the booth can have the concentrated and continuous effects at home with the salt lamps,” said Harmes.

Aside from salt lamps and essential oils, Terram Olei also has various chakra candles and metal singing bowls, which are also considered meditation bowls.

Harmes also has salt nightlights, bricks and foot detox blocks available, which help draw out impurities from the body, promote relaxation, and relieve stress.
Essential oils have a wide range of emotional and physical benefits as well, including calming and antibacterial properties; they can be applied directly to the skin or placed in a diffuser. Oils can even be consumed by adding them to certain foods such as oatmeal and hot tea.

“Essential oils are clean rather than synthetic, so they are safer to use at home compared to candles from the store,” said Harmes. “They also last much longer, and you don’t need to use a lot to get the benefits. You only need about 4 to 5 drops. Diffusers also have a safety function, so they shut off automatically after use.”

Harmes also carries handmade necklaces and rings that will hold essential oils for about two days.

“The pads for the jewelry can be washed, but I do give an extra pad with a purchase,” said Harmes.

Green Dragon Market is open Fridays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Products sold at Terram Olei are not FDA-approved and all purchases are made at the owner’s discretion.

For more information, or questions, contact Harmes at 717-449-1395 or email

Emily Jacoby is a staff writer for the Ephrata Review. 


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