Turf at War will be ready for football

By on January 8, 2014

The Ephrata School Board plans to have an architectural design team in place next month for the proposed synthetic turf field and building upgrade projects at War Memorial Field.

Superintendent Brian Troop said the timeline remains in place to have a turf field installed for the Ephrata Mounts home football games in September.

He updated the board at Monday’s committee of the whole meeting at the district offices.

Troop said the bids for the two separate projects would be narrowed down by the end of the week and be voted on by the board at its Feb. 17 meeting.

Though there have been no formal discussions with Ephrata Borough officials, Troop said he expects the permit process to take three months.

The proposed artificial turf would cover both the football and baseball fields at War Memorial ­ something that would be unique in the county, Troop said.

“It would be similar to the field at Red Lion (High School), where bleacher seats can be extended onto the field without damaging the turf,” Troop said.

The process will require two permit types ­ building occupancy and land development ­ with two separate projects under one bidding umbrella, Troop said.

These firms will craft the design for the turf field and the new building which will include locker rooms and new bathrooms.

“Currently the football team dresses at the high school and walks to the field,” Troop said.

He said the bathrooms at War Memorial Field do not meet the Americans with Disability Act standards.

“New bathrooms need to be constructed, there’s not enough space in the current bathrooms to make them comply with the space requirements by the ADA,” Troop said.

The district projects the turf installation to cost about $1.5 million. The project hinges on receiving a $1 million turf subsidy from an anonymous donor, Board President Tim Stayer said last month.

No cost projections have been submitted yet for the building project.

Board member Chris Weber asked if the projects ­ turf installation and structure construction ­ could be separated and completed at different times.

“It sounds like we don’t have a driving reason to do some of the building updates like we do with the turf project (linked to) the donation?” Weber said.

Troop said splitting the projects was an option; but probably not a good idea.

“It makes sense from a logistics standpoint that if you’re going to have work being done on that site ­ with a staging area, land development, leveling and surveying and all that being done ­ to do it all at once instead of doing it twice,” Troop said.

In other news, the board discussed increased costs in the proposed 2014-15 Lancaster County Career & Technology Center budget.

Ephrata’s costs are is expected to increase to $842,645 its from $780,101, mostly due to increased enrollment in the district.

• A small pipe burst in the Ephrata Intermediate School vestibule on Saturday after it froze, causing minor water damage.

The school’s fire alarm sounded when the leaking water from the pipe decrease dpressure in the sprinkler system. The Lincoln Fire Company responded to the alarm.

Troop said an insurance claim was filed and the area will require minor repairs. The board thanked Lincoln Fire Company, ServPro, and the district staff for their immediate attention to the incident.

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  1. Robert Wasneuski

    January 9, 2014 at 8:59 am

    Stop ! Please stop ! What is going on & how is one man’s ( Mr. Troop ) special interest ” want ” appear to have already been signed , sealed, & delivered ? He wants to spend more of taxpayers hard earned & fragile austere budgets on frankly a decorative alteration which is known today as being no longer a savings or safer benefit to a sports athletic field.We must make every dollar count today & apply it toward our ever increasing indebtedness & slow down spending on non priority wants vrs priority needs.If Mr. Troop & the board are so emphatic on pushing this project through then do it right & allow the “taxpayers” their say.I don’t mean at some school board meeting thats usually time restricted & controlled by its members but rather a ” public referendum “.Allow the taxpayers to vote via ballot at a scheduled time & date & place or places & give the people the choice since its their money being spent.I ask the boards support & the taxpayers to take a stand so that this unwarranted expenditure is given proper review.I am hopeing Mr. Troop will respect our wants & allow the people to make the call.

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