Twins turn 80

By on January 18, 2012

Barbara and Louise celebrate their 80th birthday together at a dinner last Saturday.Barbara and Louise celebrate their 80th birthday together at a dinner last Saturday.

On Jan. 14, 1932 Barbara Ann and Edith Louise were born to Caleb and Anna (Hoover) Snader.

They were raised in Ephrata and lived in the same house until Barbara married and moved to Mount Joy. Louise married and remained in the house on Main Street, Ephrata.

Both girls started work at New Holland Machine Company.

Barbara Bair went on to make a career as a secretary at Donegal High School in Mount Joy, where she worked until retirement. She now keeps herself busy with church activities, volunteering at the church thrift shop, card club and meeting for socialization with fellow retirees.

Louise Krick worked as a secretary at the Ephrata Community Hospital, then later at Eaby and Eaby Law Office, which happened to be located in her house on Main Street. She now is involved in church activities, is a member of the Trinity Lutheran alter guild, and keeps busy on outings with friends. Both ladies are avid readers, enjoy visits from family and friends and talk daily to each other on the phone.

Twins are notorious for dressing alike. A fascinating fact about these two is that even though they live in separate towns, they frequently arrive at a function wearing the same outfit. This occurs with no prior planning. And yes, they are identical — even down to having the same frames for their eyeglasses.

The girls each had two sons. Barbara’s sons are the oldest and the youngest of the four. Ironically, they share the same birthday yet four years apart. Louise’s sons are second and third in the lot. The families were closely involved as their children were growing up, making the boys more like brothers than cousins. To this day the boys remain close and in frequent contact, thoroughly enjoying each time they can be together.

Both of these ladies are kindhearted, generous and caring individuals. They have strong Christian values and have successfully passed these on to the next generation. The sons Tim, Tom, Mike and Dave all share and demonstrate the positive values they were taught in their developmental years. To the credit of Barbara and Louise, their sons all have strong religious beliefs, good work ethics and solid bonds with their own families.

In honor of this special 80th birthday, their children and their families surprised them with having dinner at Tony’s Mining Company. A point of interest is that many years ago these same people gathered to celebrate the 80th birthday of Anna Snader, mother of the twins. Those traveling to the celebration came from as far away as South Carolina. Barbara’s sons and families are as follows; Tim and Jill and their three girls Sarah (husband Frank), Melissa, and Nicole. Tom and Kathy and daughter Desiree. Louise’s sons and families are as follows; Mike and Nancy and daughter Ashley. Dave and Tricia and their two children Sarah (husband Andy) and Caleb.

Note that each twin has a granddaughter named Sarah. These are the only two of the seven grandchildren that are married at this time. There is only one grandson and to Louise’s pride he is named after their father –Caleb.

The other outstanding fact is that Louise has lived in the same town and the same house all her life. In today’s world that is indeed a remarkable and unusual situation.

Happy birthday to the Ephrata twins! More TWINS, page A16

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