Why the Carbon talk?

By on April 2, 2014


Ephrata Review,

Carbon holds in heat and is a great natural insulator; it was used to shield uranium during the building of our first atomic weapons.

In the atmosphere, carbon (as carbon dioxide, CO2) acts as a blanket for our atmosphere. It holds in heat from the sun and allows us to survive on our planet, but you can have too much of a good thing. Excess CO2 in now building up in our atmosphere and our oceans. The oceans are now 27 percent more acidic than they were 100 years ago. This is due to ocean water absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. This acidity is bad for the fish and their food chain, so some fish species are becoming scarce. This is especially important for Asia and Africa as their diets are weighted more heavily toward fish than the American diet.

Carbon in the atmosphere is a leading cause of pollution, smog and asthma in children. HarvardMedicalSchool reports a 400 percent increase in asthma in the last 20 years. This curve closely matches the increase in CO2 in our air. For our health and our children’s health, we need to reduce the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere. The fastest way to do this is to put a price on carbon. A revenue neutral carbon plan has been proposed by Citizens Climate Lobby. Please call your congressional representatives and ask what their position is on saving our air for future generations.

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