Martins married 70 years

By on December 27, 2017

David and Lizzie Martin celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary recently. They were married on Dec. 2., 1947.

David, a retired farmer, also worked as a carpenter. Lizzie was a homemaker and mother to 13 children. She is an avid quilter. They are members of the Old Order Churchtown Mennonite Church, Groffdale Conference.

The couple’s children include: Anna, wife of Earl Brubaker; Martha, wife of Henry Oberholtzer; Alvin Martin, husband of Sylvia; David Martin, husband of Edna; Amos Martin, husband of Donna; Leroy Martin, husband of Lucy; Liz Martin; Lena, wife of Eli Newswanger; Luke Martin, husband of Alice; Levi Martin, husband of Judy; Mable, wife of Bob Kuhr; Titus Martin, husband of Sandra; Mark Martin, husband of Martha.

The couple have 50 grandchildren and 44 great-grandchildren. They also have a number of stepchildren, step-grand and step-great-grandchildren.

David and Lizzie celebrated the milestone with drop-in visits by family and friends.

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