Ephrata Martial Arts competes at the Battle at the Beach

By on August 28, 2013

Members of the Ephrata Martial Arts team that competed at the Battle at the Beach in Rehoboth, DE, included (front row, left to right): Caleb Krueger, Trae Hunsecker, Jaylen Spangler, Lane Lanser, Aycen Zambuto and Ian Ziolkowski. (Back, l-r): Madison Pierce, Coach Press (owner) and Angelina Glick (instructor).â?©

Ephrata Martial Arts is the largest, most successful martial arts school in the Ephrata.

The martial arts academy has been a part of the Ephrata community since 1997, offering the very best in mixed martial arts training – making Ephrata Martial Arts known throughout the region as the Ephrata and Lancaster County area’s premier mixed martial arts academy. Ephrata Martial Arts offers training in mixed martial arts disciplines including Kickboxing, Grappling and Submission Wrestling / SAMBO, Kung Fu, and Self Defense for all skill levels ages 4 to adult.

Ephrata Martial Arts continually produces accomplished athletes that rank among some of the top in the country in grappling and kickboxing. On August 3-4, EMA was represented extremely well at the 2013 NAGA Battle at the Beach Grappling Championship in New Jersey. The North American Grappling Association holds the world’s largest grappling tournaments, over 500 kids and 500 adults competed over the weekend.

The Ephrata Martial Arts champions were: ADVANCED DIVISION- Caleb Krueger, third in No-Gi, first in Gi; Trae Hunsecker, second in No-Gi, first in Gi, and was also moved up to the 11-13 year old group in No-Gi and won first; Lane Lanser, first in Gi; and Jaylen Spangler, who had some great matches in his very large and tough group.

INTERMEDIATE DIVISION- Aycen Zambuto, first in No-Gi, first in Gi; Ian Ziolkowski, second in No-Gi, second in Gi; Fred Heim (adult), first in No-Gi.

BEGINNER DIVISION- Don Guhl (adult), first in No-Gi; Madison Pierce, second in No-Gi; and Angie Guhl (adult), second in No-Gi.

NOVICE DIVISION- Derek Weit (adult), third in No-Gi.

Any one of the over 100 students and staff at Ephrata Martial Arts can explain the proven physical benefits of martial arts training such as increased overall fitness, coordination, flexibility, strength, and speed. We could also list the mental incentives of training in the martial arts such as increased focus, discipline, self-confidence, stress relief and sense of achievement.

But there’s more. There’s something more that we just can’t put into words. It makes martial arts different than any other sport or recreational activity. It keeps students of Ephrata Martial Arts coming back class after class, year after year, some for the rest of their lives. What is it? Come in, try us out for a free class, and find out for yourself at Ephrata Martial Arts, 248 West Fulton Street, Ephrata.

Call 738-2244 or visit them online at: www.ephratamartialarts.com.

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