He’s the Ice Cream Man

By on July 15, 2015
Former Ephrata art teacher Richard Huck in his job as “the Good Humor Man” this past week at the Women’s U.S. Open in Lancaster.

If you were fortunate enough to attend the Women’s U.S. Open held at Lancaster Country Club this past week, you probably noticed the classic Good Humor ice cream truck perched under a shade tree off the 10th tee.

Taking a closer look at the Good Humor man, selling all of the tasty goodies to spectators, it didn’t take this reporter long to recognize that the man in the familiar white uniform was none other than Richard Huck, the retired art teacher from Ephrata High School.

Huck met the owner of Classic Concessions, which owns the Good Humor trucks, at his other part time job at the Strasburg Railroad.

“I’d go over there and talk to him, strike up a conversation and he’d offer me some ice cream,” he said.

Huck eventually agreed to help out his new friend when needed. Fortunately for Huck (and the many golf fans in attendance), his services were needed at one of the premier events ever to be put on in Lancaster County.

He worked at the golf tournament Wednesday and Friday, setting up shop just behind the 10th tee. Classic Concessions actually had two trucks&tstr; a ‘66 Ford and ‘67 Ford&tstr; on the premises for the tournament (Huck’s boss manned the other one).

Both were quite busy.

“Wednesday wasn’t half bad because that was still practice but Friday I spent at least three, three and a quarter hours of putting money in my pocket, getting change and all of that stuff,” Huck said.

Serve anyone famous?

“Mike (the owner) did,” Huck said. “I don’t know if he served them but he got a lot of selfies. Some of the golfers would come out of the clubhouse because he was set up right across from the walkway from the clubhouse. I on the other hand had typical people walking by, having some ice cream, getting photos with me.”

Did he enjoy his time at the Open?

“I’m not a golfer but I had a nice time,” he said. “Some of the down period I walked by the green and would watch some putting. I saw some awesome putting. It was quite neat. I also had some nice conversations with a few people. I met a woman from Australia who was walking around because apparently there were some Australians that were playing. I also talked to some of the film guys from Japan. It was neat.”


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