Mounts look like contenders

By on September 3, 2015

EHS SOCCER STAFF – The coaching staff for the Ephrata varsity boys soccer team includes (left to right): Adam Bonagura, Head Coach Rob Deininger and Ashley Sollenberger.

Mounts have the look of contender in Section Two

The 2014 season was a typical year for the Ephrata boys soccer team.

One year after missing out on the post-season for the first time in nearly two decades, the Mounts won seven of eight games during a stretch in the middle of the season to key a return to the L-L playoffs.

A loss to Manheim Township in the first round ended their league title hopes, but didn’t spoil the fact that the Mounts got back to where they belong.

Heading into 2015, all signs point to another successful run this year.

Head Coach Rob Deininger, who begins his 10th season as the leader of the program, is generally excited about the prospects of his team, which he says is full of players who “love and know the game.”

Recently, Ephrata Review Sports Editor Todd Ruth caught up with Deininger to talk about the season ahead. The following is a transcript of their conversation:

Todd Ruth: Last year, you guys got back to the league playoffs, and had a pretty nice year?

Rob Deininger: Yeah, through everything that was going on we met our expectations. It would have been nice to make Districts, so we fell a little bit short but we did make the league playoffs and we had a pretty good stretch there in the middle of the season to get us there. We are hoping to build on that into this season.

TR: In 2013 you guys fell short in making the post-season. How was it to make it back and return to the playoffs?

RD: We expect to make it every year. That was the first time we missed in 20 some years…But this year we’ll be fine. They are ready to get back to those situation again.

TR: Last year’s squad had 10-11 seniors. What are you going to miss most about that group?

RD: A couple of those guys were just game players. We weren’t overly skilled at certain times but they just worked very hard and tried to win every ball they could. This group here is skilled, and has a lot of soccer IQ, and ball knowledge with or without the ball. We are looking to play a real up tempo passing game.

TR: What are your early impressions of this group overall?

RD: This group loves soccer. No matter what nationality they are they are all into it. They like to practice, they like to play. They seem to get along well with each other, and they feed off each other. It’s been a great pre-season…They all have high expectations, and rightfully so.

TR: How did you guys perform in your scrimmages?

RD: We won both. We beat Octorara and Wyomissing and played really well.

TR: You guys play on somewhat of a small field. How does that effect your style of play?

RD: We are accustomed to it. Everyone else’s field is about this size now. It fits our needs. It’s a great place to play.

TR: How many guys do you have returning that saw legitimate action last year?

RD: About five or six that played a lot, but we have a lot of guys who filled those holes of the guys that left.

TR: You seem pretty excited about this group?

RD: Yeah, I think the wins will come, but I think it’s just a good group to be around.


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