East Cocalico mulls over auditor position

By on October 25, 2017

Supervisors at their Oct. 19 meeting, announced the accountant who audited their books is leaving the Reamstown firm, Weinhold Nickel and Co.

The board expressed satisfaction with the accountant’s work. Supervisors indicated their inclination to continue services with this accountant at his new location.

“When was this discussed in a public meeting?” asked resident, Jeff Mitchell. “We never heard anything about this until tonight. Shouldn’t we at least consider the cost of any other vendors out there who could do the job?”

Chairman, Doug Mackley, said individual supervisors talked with some other possible accounting firms. “We know what we have now, we’ve established a good working relationship and the price appears very fair.”

Dean Hoover, a partner in Weinhold Nickel, said, “When I met with township officials at the end of September to audit financial statements, I handed them the letter indicating that Weinhold Nickel would be dropping their governmental work.”

Because of the compression of work from January through April 15, and the fact that government documents are due March 31, the company made the decision to focus on its “core business of accounting for small businesses and some other not for profit entities,” he said.

In other business, the township’s aging telephone system can no longer be repaired. Windstream said parts aren’t available. After reviewing bids, Scott Russell, township manager, said for a total cost of $14,557.50 the system can be upgraded. Benefits include reduced operating costs due to elimination of the number of lines. The annual maintenance fee is $590.00. Supervisors approved the purchase. The business system is from the state Co-star bid list. Farlow Communications will install wiring and hardware.

In other business, supervisors:

  • Heard brief reports from the three township fire companies – Reamstown, Smokestown and Stevens. Emergency services representatives visit a meeting annually.
  • Heard Rick Carpenter, Reamstown Ambulance Association, request supervisors consider additional funding next year due to a projected 2017 budget deficit. “When I trained for EMT certification, it cost $100; now it’s $1,000,” said Carpenter. “Our problem isn’t unique to us. A critical issue is that ambulance drivers must be certified EMT’s; they no longer can just drive the ambulance. We need to attract more personnel.”
  • Acknowledged Police Chief Terry Arment’s medical leave letter, beginning November 9th. Sergeant Derrick Keppley will be the Officer In Charge during Arment’s absence.
  • Accepted the resignation of Recreation Board, vice-chair, Curt High. The seven member Recreation Board currently has four members. The township website, www.eastcocalicotownship.com , states residents are needed to serve on its boards.
  • Heard zoning officer, Tony Luongo, report 289 building permits were issued from January 1st – September 30th. “This number is the highest number of permits in the last five years.”
  • Heard Russell report a person expressed interest in the seven acre, 1925 N. Reading Road parcel for light manufacturing. The land was originally purchased by adjacent land owner, DenTech, and donated back to the township. It would need re-zoned from commercial to light industrial for this person’s use. Discussion with the interested party, other officials, and the solicitor, will continue.


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