All wet: West Cocalico supervisors talk stormwater management

By on April 12, 2017

As the month of April took a rainy turn, stormwater was on the minds of the West Cocalico supervisors.

Supervisors James J. Stoner and Ray Burns, meeting April 6 in the absence of Supervisor Leon Eby, discussed township analysis of a flood-prone portion of Strickler Road.

Part of the problem, Stoner said, is that debris from upstream is clogging a pipe which is also rusted out on the bottom. Stoner said he has personally inspected the site, and suggested the township may have to install a section of 30-inch pipe, but not right away.

“We’re going to monitor it a little bit,” Stoner said. “There’s no decision at this point; we’re in the middle of the rainy season … we have a preliminary design in our minds. We’re working on it.”

Later on in the meeting, township Manager Carolyn Hildebrand discussed ongoing efforts to stabilize soil in township waterways, and to respond to state Department of Environmental Protection regulations and guidelines.

Hildebrand said the township has talked to the school district to encourage public awareness of how sediment and nitrogen make their way into the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

“Recycling took a long time to take hold,” Hildebrand said, comparing today’s stormwater management programs to early efforts at municipal recycling. “We need to get started to get the kids thinking about it.”

In response, Stoner broached an issue that he said many people are finding central to the question of stormwater management; namely, that with the Trump administration seeming to undercut the power of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, there’s confusion about whether local municipalities should still put the same muscle into stormwater management and conservation.

“In Pennsylvania, they’re just going to keep going the same way,” Stoner said. “We don’t know… at the end of the day, I don’t think it’s worth the chance of the fines … you could end up being four years behind the eight-ball. I think we’re just going to keep going as it was meant to be. I think that’s the safest way to go.”

In other township business:

* Supervisors approved the use of Schoeneck Fire Police for three events: Schoeneck Memorial Day Parade on May 29; Schoeneck Community Days. weekend of June 10; Adamstown Community Days, weekend of May 28. The board also approved the use of township roads for a Lancaster Farmland Trust ‘Pedal to Preserve’ bicycle ride June 3.

* Supervisors approved the purchase of a 2017 Ford Explorer from Hondru Ford for just over $28,000. The color, board members said, will be blue.

* Supervisors heard a request from the Cocalico Baseball Organization to place a shed at Schoeneck Park which would house a John Deere mower used to groom the fields. Stoner raised questions about liability and insurance. The matter was tabled for more research into insurance rates and other issues.

* Supervisors approved a quote of $4,775 from American Direct to provide and install metal doors on the township building.

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